Trip 1 Day 7 How Hvar Is Too Hvar?

It’s my last day so got the blues usually associated with such the occasion but compounded this time by the pleasure of someone shoving an oversized cotton bud up both my nostrils to ascertain as to whether I can return to the UK tomorrow. To my distain the test is negative so looks like it’s homeward bound. Shame really as could easily have spent another week here. Plan for today post covid test was to head to the islands again. This time Hvar was calling my name.

Today’s mode of transport-Catamaran

The sail from Split to Hvar lasts just over the hour departing at 11am. I take my seat and it’s pretty much at full capacity when the clock ticks to 11am. The catamaran is off and running bang on time, the Germans on board will be mightily impressed. Interesting to see they are following the timetable unlike boats on Lago Di Garda or Lago Maggiore where times listed are mere approximations of when the boat should arrive. Italians could never be rushed just do things when they feel like it but Croatians seem to be very much by the book. Slavic pride perhaps.


I’m fast running out of superlatives to describe these quite charming spots in and around Split and the surrounding areas. First thing that sprung to mind on Hvar was wow. Hvar itself is a pretty big island but I’ll be spending most of my time in and around the town rather than laying on the beaches dotted around other parts of the Island. Again the promenade linking boat terminal and town centre is awash with eateries and bars. I decide to grab an ice coffee to make firm my plans for the close to 6 hours I have here.

Iced Coffee

I wasn’t sure to undertake some aimless wondering or wandering aimlessly first so iced coffee down it’s time to explore what looks to be delightful town. I stroll along to the quayside shops which has a few other bars interspersed between a few high end sailing boutiques. There were palm trees and everything you’d probably expect from St.Lucia or somewhere in the Caribbean.

Boats Bobbing

Croatia you have wowed me you really have. This is my kind of place. I make an about turn and head back for town to get some lunch ahead of my planned afternoon exercise.

Katedrala sv. Stjepana I.

I know what you’re thinking here we go again another day another cathedral with Andrew feeling uncomfortable by the church’s wealth and feeling guilty about a somewhat stodgy lunch. But alas, it’s Friday so I have decided to mix it up a bit.

Healthy Lunch Today.

Well you didn’t see that coming a lunch of chicken and broccoli noodles with an overly generous portion of Balkan flatbread. It hits the spot. Light yet tasty and the tasted like there was a pesto like dressing over the noodles. RESULT! Fanta to drink as none of my favoured Lemon drink here. So if no substantially stodgy to repent what next for your intrepid adventurer.

Another Day….Another Castle.

Yes followers I have taken the less frequented path today and headed to the hills for a trip to the Spanish Fortress that overlooks the bay and Hvar town. The way up is littered with photo opportunities to snap the perfect picture and there are indeed a few contenders for shot of the holiday from this walk.

Ready for action

The zigzagging path from town to fortress coupled with a little climb of stairs through yet another quaint alleyway was a relatively easy graft compared to my Belltower toils of the last couple of days.

The Path

On reaching the top there is bus load of American tourists which I have no issues with except when you made the effort to walk to the castle instead of being dropped off by bus you want to be able to take a picture of you accomplishment without a random in your composition. I don’t want you in my photo as much as you don’t want me in yours. Comprehend? Nod once for yes and twice for no. Ah for goodness sakes I was waiting for 3 women to finish their selfie posing when 200kg Pete just bounds in taking all sorts of weird and wacky angles. Taking to someone on his hands free about bloody tree soil!!! Finally the view is clear.

Nice Shot

All that walking up and back down has got me craving an ice cream and I remember seeing a little gelato shop on the promenade.

I Scream For Iced Cream

There are 32 flavours on a good day but today there’s a lot scored out. What flavour would you choose from below?

Mocha and Salted Caramel for me
Fruits of my labour with no Vitamin C in sight

By now is quietly approaching time for the Catamaran back to Split and unlike my debacle earlier in the week this is last boat back today so I need to ensure I’m there for 1800. I’m there in good time and able to watch the boat come in. I’m on and boarded and as per before the boat departs bang on 1800. Arrival back in Split sees a massive increase in people from the last few days. Whether is additional weekend footfall or the cruise ship docked in the harbour I’m not sure but either way it’s electric down on the restaurants on the promenade and there are more people lingering awkwardly. So back to the apartment to get ready for my last supper.

Chop ‘n’ Grill

With it being my last night coupled with Payday I thought a treat was in order so I took myself down to Chop ‘n’Grill which seems to get rave reviews. Will it be worth the hype?

Pick A Steak Any Steak You Like

Lots of good stuff there. I’ve made my decision. Let’s hope it’s good.

Vichyssoise Soup

Creamy potato soup with truffles and leek oil. Leek oil!! What a great idea. I need to investigate who I can procure this heavenly condiment as would be perfect for pasta and salads alike. Will be scouring the web for this.

The Main Event

How good does that look? My food heaven right there ladies and gents. 12oz Black Angus Ribeye (Medium/Rare) side of chips and side of asparagus with a blue cheese melt. On cutting the steak it looks absolutely otherworldly.

Cooked to perfection.

The meat is unbelievably tender and cuts like a knife through better. The blue cheese gives such an extra dimension to the meat and the steak just evaporates on your tongue. Sensational! The chips are crispy and cooked perfectly. The asparagus has been grilled giving it a nice crunch yet subtle tenderness. This is divine. What a perfect ending to this perfect holiday. Stay tuned for my journey home tomorrow.



  1. Jayne Boyd says:

    Awesome Andrew, could almost feel I was there with you. I miss Europe. Great to see people in the world are out and about! and a cruise ship for goodness sake.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jax says:

    So Ella is on her way to meet u at the ice cream shop and I’ll meet u for steak😉
    Apparently Ella and I r off to Croatia…..fancy a retuen adventure?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andrew Brock says:

      Definitely Jax. Lots of this beautiful country still to see


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