What is Music?

I like my music to be weird not just one stop away from the mainstream but quite possibly the end of the line on the journey in which music takes. You see, I don’t think there’s really a lot of truly “weird” in music. Weird and whacky musicians, for sure. Weird and beyond abstract concepts, absolutely—how about those guys who write about the molluscs?—but actual, genuine, weirdness? I don’t know. Maybe my mind is numb to the idea of weirdness as I journey and immerse myself in the musical minefields in order to discover something absorbing for my mind to eat and digest and find relevance and reverence for my heart and head. When it comes to music I’m very much listen first and ask questions later. Sometimes much later when you mind is focused on something else you realise something made sense.

My listening habits are really quite diverse and range from Turkish Tango to Pakistani Film Music to Harsh Electronics to Brutal Death Metal and almost anything in between. Strap in . Going to be long journey.

I love to lose myself in music. The mood of any recording is important. Music for me can be cathartic yet catatonic, inspiring yet depressing , uplifting yet unnerving, euphoric yet dismal, familiar yet distant, gregarious yet perverse and transcendental yet savage. Music is a massive part of my DNA and more often that not it feels that music finds a way to let me know that I will be ok and helps me make sense of a situation or just acts as that switch to allow me to lose myself in that moment. It can transport from warmth of summer to icy misanthropic ecstasy within seconds or lift my despondency with an uncanny delirium from the most obscure channels.

We are often judged by the music we love by others which is often misguided and unwarranted. Music is personal and helps you on your journey whatever you need it for. I’m often asked why someone like me listens to extreme metal music? I don’t like the someone like me angle as by the undercurrent of the statement there is an already palpable disappointment. On the contrary I could ask as to why someone like you drinks decaf coffee with that same disdain offered during the music round of back and forth interrogation.

I believe there is good and bad in every genre of music. Whilst there will never be inspirational Nazi Folk music but the actual music can be interesting to listen to and conversely on the most part people are still amazed and some abhorred by the idea behind Christian Metal music. Music crosses divides and has potential to unite communities. One of my favourite listening experiences is the of Israeli group Orphaned Land who crossed the Israeli Palestinian divide with their Middle Eastern inspired Folk Metal. They should have be heralded for this as it’s something that has been attempted on many occasions but failed instead they had to flee their homeland and seek refuge in Turkey as they felt threatened by Government officials.

Lastly for now is enjoy music regardless what you listen to. Don’t ever be ashamed by saying I like a certain type of music. Embrace the fact you might be different. Don’t let your parents,friends and locality stifle your musical journey. If I was to be inspired by friends and family I’d be listening to Country, The Bee Gees and enjoy listening to the radio. Lucky escape I’d say.


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