First Impressions

They say if you are meeting someone for the first thing that both you and the person you are meeting will create a first impression inside 7 seconds and will know if there is a connection. So that has got me thinking do you play the wacky oddball character so they’ll never forget you or do you do just be you and let fate decide if you are good enough and them good enough for you.

It’s a crazy thought really that inside 7 seconds you know if you want to work somewhere, hire someone, spend more time with someone or perhaps grow to love someone.

We all do whether we think it or not. I can usually tell when I meet someone in a business capacity by their handshake. I personally like to think I have a very firm handshake and expect the same in return. Expect is the key in that last sentence. In truth first impressions have to mirror expectations otherwise something doesn’t sit right.

Conversely we are told to never judge a book by its cover so why is there so much emphasis on first impressions. All the modern day emphasis has on individuality surely kicks out the first impression debate. I’m not sure I would actually want to know the perceived first impression of me is but I do know for a fact that it’s unlikely to be correct. Here’s the quandary : We are all too aware that other people will make snap judgments about us. Yet we continuously tell ourselves that we shouldn’t make such snap judgments about them. The “shouldn’t” in the previous sentence is key, as our brain and subconscious are always about discouraging us from following our natural propensity.

As I sit on the tube I have completed a scan and made up an impression of everyone in my carriage. So wrong but somewhat entertaining which is ok I guess as I’m unlikely to have any meaningful interaction with them other than “Excuse me” as I make my way to the doors.

You could argue that if Natural Selection persists then the notion of First Impressions should not even be in this Darwinian Society as ultimately we are humans much like any other species adapt to change over time yet this psychology behind First Impressions still creates an interesting concept.

My conclusion on this is whilst you can never recreate a first impression you alter your perception on the person in question.


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